The Story About Us

Who we are and what we do. For you and for local tourism.

We are a company that organizes cultural and authentic tours in Cabo Verde where explorers can experience true local Cabo Verdean life. We offering exclusive tours led by local expert guides. Join us and forget about time. Get comfortable by stepping out of your own comfort zone and appreciate life on a whole new level! Connect with the Cabo Verdean community who loves their own culture and thus work daily to retain this culture. By booking with Terra Terra Tours you are always ensured you support the community. Whether it’s a simple homestay sleep-over or you are joining the family table for a home prepped meal.

The tours and experiences create a platform for connecting on an emotional level that continuously promotes job opportunities; a monthly income and a long term future perspective. We believe when tourists and locals come together, we work towards sustainable tourism in Cabo Verde and focus on a intercultural understanding. Where both can learn from each other.

Local Expert Tour Guides

Our guides will take you that one step closer into local life and community.

Simple & Easy Booking

We cut out the middle man, so booking a tour is direct, fast, simple and easy.

Support Local Development

Book a tour and give directly back to local life and community.

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