Our Mission

Terra Terra… what does is mean?

Terra stands for earth; something that cannot get more pure and grounding than that. Terra Terra on the other hand is a well-known term amongst locals that gives expression to feeling who you really are. It’s a term that makes locals feel proud of their own heritage and culture. And that is exactly what our tours are made to make you feel. That feeling that cannot be described but simply can only be experienced, only be felt. Felt with Terra Terra Tours.


Building Bridges

Our ultimate goal is to build bridges between locals and visiting tourists. By connecting them on a more emotional level we are on the one hand able to create unforgettable moments and on the other hand give directly back to local life and community. This creates opportunity for us to come together and work towards a culturally better connected future for sustainable tourism in Cabo Verde.


Impressions that last

Our tours are tailor made and built to reflect a true understanding of the Cabo lifestyle. It provides opportunity to make you connect to authentic people and their local life. By taking you into the community (and developing neighbourhoods) and introducing you to their daily rituals we know that our tours can make impressions that last. Getting comfortable by stepping out of your own comfort zone. The preconceptions about developing neighbourhoods will fade away once you connect to the locals on a more emotional level. Join us and experience the kindness, hospitality, happiness and the sociability of the people of Cabo Verde. We can show you the social work that is being done by, for example, SOS Children’s Villages (and many others) in creating all kinds of opportunities within the community and for the people of Cabo Verde. We also promote (relatively) unknown artists by showcasing their craft and process of creation on (some of) our tours. All to generate great impressions but first and foremost make connections between tourists and locals that can last you a lifetime. Better connections for a stronger future in sustainable tourism.


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