Povo pa Povo (People for People)

Povo pa Povo (People for People)

A program created by Terra Terra Tours in the quarantine period and initiated in July 2020 after the State of Emergency. 

Terra Terra Tours wants to show the inhabitants of Santiago what we are rich in, our beautiful people, the overwhelming nature and undiscovered places, our rich culture and history. But also making our people aware of our wealth, what it is, our elements, nature, our life products, our local productions. The food in particular, vegetarian dishes are still strange here. 

Terra Terra Tours also does this to (re)connect people in the form of a program based on local tourism. Now that the borders are still closed, we offer the residents of Santiago the opportunity to participate in various activities that vary weekly and take place all over the island.

Terra Terra Tours aims in general to connect people, increase knowledge and gain more insights into who we are and where we come from. As soon as the borders open again, we want to continue these activities and mingle them with our tours and experiences with tourists. We believe that it will be a special form of tourism, to bring the national and international tourists together.

This program has been running now on a voluntary basis since July 2020.


Purpose of Povo pa Povo

The idea started when we had the chance to observe the people in Praia even better, how they went through this quarantaine. 

It is amazing to see how strong their mind is by not giving up and earning some money for their families. It is THAT kind of people who make this country’s worth even greater, the fisherman, the rabidantis, the fish sellers and we had the honor to get to know them better even more now by supporting them daily by buying local products from them and talk to them every day giving them strength to move on. 


We saw how (older) people do their exercises early in the morning and saw that they could use some coaching. We ourselves had the possibility now to create a (better) connection with our neighbours and loved ones. We all shared almost everything, since we realized we all were going through difficult times all in our own way. It was beautiful to see how everyone started to see eachother again, because before most of them ignored each other. We shared our food, gave each other fresh food, juices, provided each other with safeties such as masks and shared knowledge. We made plans to set up a daily sport program.


The remedie of this period was not to stop thinking of Terra Terra Tours – the reason, my mission, why I came to live here. By knowing there is always a solution for everything. And when you stay close to yourself, to your plans and the things that are important for people you find out that this way of community life is very important. Not only because it is part of our culture, but it is part of all of us.

Do you want to support our program “Povo pa Povo” for locals? Contact us by email on [email protected]


Our Future plans

We have developed some new projects! It will take place on the island of Santiago and also be represented in our new home/workspace in Praia.

The names of our upcoming projects;

*Nhos Txiga

*Ama kel ke di bo

*Terra Terra Toko

For more info you can always contact us.

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