Povo pa Povo (People for People)

Povo pa Povo (People for People)

A program created by Terra Terra Tours in the quarantine period and initiated after the State of Emergency.

Terra Terra Tours want to show the inhabitants of Santiago what we are rich in, our beautiful people, the overwhelming nature and our rich culture and history. Terra Terra Tours also do this to connect people (again) in the form of a program based on local tourism. Now that the borders are still closed, we offer the residents of Santiago the opportunity to participate in various activities that vary weekly and take place all over the island.

Terra Terra Tours aims to connect people, increase knowledge and gain more insights into who we are and where we come from. As soon as the borders open again, we want to continue the activities and mingle with our tours and experiences with tourists. We believe that it will be a special form of tourism, to bring the national and international tourist more together.

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This program has been running on a voluntary basis for 11 (now 13) weeks.
We would like to continue and develop this. A budget is needed for this. We at Terra Terra Tours are immediately looking for sponsors.

Do you want to support our program “Povo pa Povo” for locals? Contact us by email on

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