Terra Terra Tracks

Enjoy and get into the mood with our special Terra Terra Tracks!

Music, what does it mean for our people? 

First of all, it is a way to express themselves.To make their day, it is almost everywhere and always playing loudly. It distracts them a lot from their daily routine, it makes a difference in their day and is always full of joy. Back in the day it really was just a way to simply express themselves.

Secondly it gives the people also a lot of meaningful messages of strength.Many traditional music is from the time of colonialism, a time where people used music to escape and feel totally free.

Cabo Verde has more artists than you can imagine. Almost everybody sings or plays an instrument or is able to “badja” which means dance! They grow up with music and dance, even the smallest ones love to dance when the opportunity presents itself.

Music can also be like meditation here, something that is healing to them. It lets them forget about their daily issues and provides them with a warm blanket of happiness. By just hearing Cabo Verdean music your body simply starts moving to the rhythm. We have never seen anyone remain still when hearing the music. The rhythm will make you hips move, one way or another.

We made the track list below here for you. Music has a lot cultural meaning and especially the traditional music. It’s a combination of music from back then and this day and age. From very known artist to artist that are just starting out. And most of the tracks even have a special place in the heart for some of our guests. Enjoy and get into the mood with our special Terra Terra Tracks!

Music simply makes local life truly complete here in Cabo Verde.

Want to enjoy even more of the local music and it’s instruments? We are able to offer the following musical experiences;

– Badja
– Gaita Gaita


Enjoy our Terra Terra Tracks!

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