Cape Verde is a vulcanic Archipelago of 10 islands, where each island has its own unique charm and mix of cultural history. Santiago offers a fusion of all the islands put together. It’s the biggest and most vibrant island and home to Cape Verde’s capital, Praia, the main central hub where you can feel and taste the vivid African vibes. Santiago quickly reveals the hustle and bustle of island city life in Praia but the island can remarkably also offer a quick getaway to more quiet pastures with its green valleys and plush plantations. The smaller African towns make you wind down and truly experience island life whilst enjoying the stunning natural scenery and friendly local hospitality.

Cape Verde has a rich and impressive history and culture that is not well-known by everybody and can only be truly experienced by immersing yourself amongst the local community. Only then you will get to know the culture, it’s history and rituals, as well as their unique way of (island) living.

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