Arts & Crafts Tour

€65 per person

Arts & Crafts Tour

Cabo Verde holds enough secret hot-spots that are still undiscovered. By joining locals in their daily artistic routines, you might be able to (re)discover your own artistic aptitudes.


Designed and made in Cape Verde

On this tour you will discover the local arts & crafts scene on the island first hand. It will provide you with an inside look into the daily routines of locals and how they earn their living by exercising their craft. Creating beautiful things, working hard and keeping that smile on their face is something you will come to enjoy on this tour. And maybe you will bring back a souvenir that you really like.



  • Morning program (10:00-14:00).
  • Price ranging from €75 for 1-4 persons to €65 for 5-12 persons
  • Includes drinks, a Terra Terra bite and maybe even a nice souvenir


Book this tour to discover the local arts and crafts scene and maybe (re)discover your own artistic side.

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