Katxupa Experience

€35 per person

Prepare, cook and enjoy your own traditional Katxupa!

Always wanted to learn how to make this typical Caboverdean dish and learn about it’s origin? Now you have the chance! You learn to make the Katxupa together with a local expert at her home and learn from the best!
Or… Feel more connected with Cabo Verde while being abroad cooking the most famous meal in your own kitchen. Together with a local cook and your local translator Judith. This experience requires only a good internet connection as we guide you through the cooking proces by phone or laptop.

Did you know?

Preparing Katxupa seems quite simple, but it is not! Katxupa takes Time, Love and a lot of Attention. The challenge is to correctly estimate the cooking time of each ingredient. Katxupa is meal to share and brings people together. So don’t forget to invite you beloved ones.


*The price depends on what location and family

Starting from 35€

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    Dalila Morais
    March 4, 2021

    I have been wanting to learn how to make katxupa for so long and now I finally did!
    I got to learn it from a beautiful strong women, who learned it from het mom and now made her business out of it. It was confronting to see how the people live and struggle compared to the western world but it also had it’s beauty.


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