€75 per person

We have a whole new tour It’s called “#ONLYINPRAIA”
This is the way to connect with the city and locals all in one day.
We’ll show you Praia in a whole different way and share all our secret spots with you!
Some are also available to do by bike!

The tours are divided in different categories;

Aventura Tour
Are You in for adventure and exploring. Praia also has green fields, beautiful City views and spectacular places to see sunrise or sunsets.

This trip includes:
– Lunch at a local place
– Exploring Praia by walk or by bike
– Great views!

*This tour is also available on bike. There will be charged 10€ extra


Cultura Tour
Praia has so much culture to offer. It is here you feel more connected to the continent Africa and the roots. We show you a bit of everything of this vibe.

This trip includes:
– History knowledge
– African Lunch
– Local Snacks & Fruits
– Visit to a local artist


Streets & Art Tour
Walk through the Streets, eat Street Food, meet Street Artists and African Art Revival. Praia has also many StreetArt you should not miss this!

This trip includes:
– Local Snacks & Fruits
– Vist to the most spectacular street art
– Workshop Art
– Local dinner

*This tour is also available on bike. There will be charged 10€ extra


SelfLove Tour

Experience the calmness on the island by (re)connecting with your inner self.

This trip  includes:
– Yoga class
– Body treatment
– Vegan Brunch
– Visit to a natural product store
– Vegan Brunch
– Body massage
– Stunning sunset place
– Natural product gift



*Available from 2 persons

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  • Avatar
    Alexine Jullien
    November 5, 2021

    At my last stay in Santiago I spent a lot of time with Judith and Jair. We enjoyed a fun and lovely “Karaka” at the beach (the food was amazing). Jair gave me a kuskus tutorial which was great! I went to Rabalados for the first time and got the chance to see and understand more of their way of living. On our way to Somada we had several stops and I was amazed to see how much warmth and love Judith and Jair give to the people around, simply by just being present and interact with the people. I have been to Praia-Santiago many times but the experience I had with Judith and Jair gave me a whole different kind of view to this lovely island. The taste of the food is just great and for me the appreciation is in the fact they both took the time for sitting down with me to enjoy the healthy meal and have long, joyfully and fun conversation. To come and see the island was something I did many times before but to really learn and experience the Island this is what I did with Judith and Jair ♥️

  • Avatar
    Geoffroy Bonne
    February 25, 2022

    I’ve got a wonderful experience with Terra Terra Tours. Judith and Jair will show you places and people you won’t be able to see by yourself or by standard Tourist agencies. They have strong connections with people they work with and in one day they can make you live a lot of great experiences. They have thematic tours and they can also tailor a tour according to your needs so don’t hesitate to call them.


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