SOS Children’s Village Tour

€75 per person

SOS Children’s Village Tour

A life story
Co-founder of Terra Terra Tours and local expert guide Jair, gives you an inside look into SOS Children’s Village where he grew up from eight years old. It was in this village where he has learned how to take care of himself and others around him. The children who live in SOS nowadays, will welcome you with open arms and Jair shows you around the area with pleasure. If you wish, it is possible to further financially support the work that SOS Children’s Villages is doing. Ask us about the possibilities on how to become involved.

Memories that move
As we will continue to walk through the village just outside of SOS called Riberão Chiquiera, an enjoyable home prepared lunch will wait for you. Made by Jair’s godmother. You can ask all the questions you want about Jair’s life during the day. To finish off walking through his footsteps as a child until adulthood, we’ll show you where Jair lived after he left SOS as a teenager. You’ll get the vibe of a young African man growing, finding his way into the big city Praia, Cabo Verde.



  • Midday program
  • Price ranging from €69 for 1 person to €59 for 2-4 persons
  • Transport by local bus. Private taxi available for an additional fee.
  • Drinks & Lunch
  • Meeting the SOS staff and children
  • Guided by Jair who grew up in the village


Book this tour for an inside look into the local social work of an international organization and to rediscover the islands though the eyes of a child.

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  • Avatar Rosario
    March 4, 2020

    Jair nam ons mee naar zijn jeugd. Hij is deels opgegroeid in het SOS kinderdorp en heeft ons zijn indrukwekkende levensverhaal verteld en laten zien waar en hoe hij opgegroeid is. Dit deed hij vol trots en enthousiasme. Wat goed dat dit soort organisaties bestaan! En dat ik een beter inzicht heb gekregen in het leven van vele jongeren hier in Cabo.

    Jair took us to his childhood. He grew up partly in the SOS children’s village and told us his impressive life story and showed us where and how he grew up. He did this with pride and enthusiasm. How good that these kind of organizations exist! And that I have a better insight into the lives of many young people here in Cabo Verde.

  • Avatar
    N. de Lange
    March 9, 2020

    At primary school you run your lungs out to run as many laps as possible and collect as much sponsor money as possible. Well I was never a winner in that, but all the little bit will help. Whether you always get a course about charity at school and communication with videos is even better. But had it really happened with the money that was collected? Today I had a tour with terra terra tours at a worldwide major project and well known to most people: SOS children’s villages.

    In Cape Verde there are two complete villages on Santiago and on São Vicente there is a small day center. Jair, whom I have known for about three weeks, grew up in the SOS children’s village and showed us around. We looked at the house where he had lived from 8 to 18 years. There are ten of these types of houses in Riberão Chiqueiro and on average 8 children live with one person “Mãe” (the mother who lives in the house 24/7) and various Tia’s during the day (aunts who help with the household). Jair showed his room and the bed where he slept and there was also the place where he told his personal story.

    “He told us how it transformed his life from streetkid to a conscious man with life goals. I asked about the contrast of the boys he grew up with in the same neighborhood – very hard and focused on facts: eight died and many are stuck in the He was very proud to tell his story and that in the beginning he didn’t want to go at all, but that afterwards he was so grateful for everything.Now he is a great example for the children who now live in the village and the community around the SOS children’s village. His caretakers from that time are also very proud to see him like that “.

    Today another day with a lot of awareness about my life in Europe and the lives here in Cape Verde.


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