Tasty Cabo Bafiu Experience

€25 per person

Treasures of taste

Cape Verdeans love their specialty foods and dishes such as corn and fresh fish, sweet delicacies made of coconut and a large variety of dried fruits. This tour will give you a taste of some of the best foods and dishes of the islands made by locals in their own homes. It’s truly something to experience and taste, to really connect and find out what island life is all about.


The location of this tour may may vary due to local product availability. After booking we will give you a starting location for the experience.



  • Morning and Midday programs available
  • Price €25 per person
  • Includes a guided experience of local delicacies, a home visit with a local family and a chance to learn about local food and ofcourse taste it all.


Book this tour for food lovers that love to experience local dishes and are not afraid to discover new things.

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  • Departure Time
    on request
  • Return Time
    an average of 3-4 hours

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