Terra Terra Tour | 1 Day | Santiago

€59 per person

‘Terra Terra Tour’, 1 day, Santiago

This is our most traditional and authentic tour to date. You will get to see all those hidden places on Santiago that some locals don’t even know. You will meet locals from all walks of life and connect to their story, in their own piece of the island.


Uninhibited musicality and spontaneity

This tour is a full one-day tour that takes you on a journey through all the best hot-spots the island has to offer. Taking you through the artistic neighbourhoods you will be pleasantly surprised by the uninhibited musicality and spontaneity of the local people. You will also discover the most important local finer arts & crafts. Should you choose our ‘midday program’ from 10.00 – 15:00 you will enjoy lunch in a secret garden. Should you choose for our ‘evening program’ from 15:00 – 21:00, the tour ends with a spectacular home-style barbeque with our very own grillmaster Gelson showing off his ‘Terra Terra Style’ barbeque skills.


  • Morning program (10:00 – 15:00) or Midday program (15:00-21:00)
  • Price ranging from €89 for 1 person to €75 for 2-3 persons to €59 for 4-12 persons
  • Transport by local bus or private taxi available
  • Includes drinks, lunch or dinner and lots of joy


Book this tour for an experience you will not soon forget.

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  • Departure Time
    10:00 or 15:00
  • Return Time
    15:00 or 21:00


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    January 31, 2020

    During my holidays in Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, I met Juju who proposed to me and my friend the Terra Terra Tour. After a first evaluation of the tour we were immediately interested in his proposal because on the island of Santiago there are some areas that are not recommended to visit alone (especially if you are in two girls who do not know the local language as I and my friend).
    The Terra Terra Terra Tour was really very interesting and enriched me a lot. The tour lasted all day including the meals and this is an aspect that I really liked because we had the opportunity to eat with the locals people and then see the houses here live and what really consists of their food. The tour has enriched me a lot because I would never have had the chance to see some aspects of the island and thanks to the guide of Juju, Gelson and Jair I could really see the way of life of the people. Cape Verde is Africa and there are also poor people but it is really very kind and selfless. During the whole day I felt safe also thanks to the two guys (Gelson and Jair) who accompanied us for the duration of our tour.
    My expectations on the tour were to discover new aspects of the island and I was very pleased that Juju asked us again what we had already seen to show us things that we had not seen before. My friend and I opted for the one-day tour because we had other plans for the other days of our holidays but after this experience I would like to do the tour that includes two days with the overnight in a place “less touristy”.

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    January 31, 2020

    At first I was just a little interested in the tour because it was kind of expensive. But when I tought it through , the price made sense for a whole day of food and adventures with the locals and with the guides.
    The tour itself was well-organised and well-structured, although our guides always kept a little secret of what we will be doing next, which made it even more interesting. It was a beautiful experience of that spontanity that I felt during the tour. We have eaten with locals and didn´t even speak the same language, but it didn´t matter. We saw the kindness and warmth in them and it was this what served as ,language´. Plus Judith explained us everything they were saying.
    The activities that we have done were very interesting: Seeing street-art, walking, seeing how ceramics and shoes were done, seeing beautiful landscapes an especially nature. I was also very happy about receiving a self-made bracelet and self-made necklace from the artist Gelson.
    The only thing that could be done better is including us more into the practical work. For example doing workshop, because it´s always a great feeling too help or to do something on their own.
    I was great to have 3 guides! Gelson, Judith and Jair are different (but also not that different) and everybody of them can give a very special touch to the tour. We really loved our guides! I would just have been better if could speak Portuguese (Creol) or the local guides English, but I think that this is still in process.
    For me, the Tour was a little life changing. I saw once again what is important in life by learning from the cap-verdian way of loving and way of living.
    After that trip I gave up thinking about the big amount of goals I want to reach in life. Of course there are appointements that I have to do, but I will not stive anymore for my own and only/egocentric goals in life, the whole possible future… I will develop with time and not being sad or too happy by looking at my achievments. I want to experience every day intensivily , whatever it will be positiv or negativ, and not looking too much at what will be (the far future). I want to bea real human being and experience what God is offering me and other people. For me, also in that perspective that I am a christian, it change a whole perspectiv that I have been learning though the bible and church , but I had missed the practical side of that religion, which I now found.
    I´m also looking foward in staying in contact with the guides and surely coming back to the Cabo Verde in whichever context it will be.



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