Terra Terra Tour | 2 Days | Santiago

€149 per person

‘Terra Terra Tour’, 2 days, Santiago

With our 2 day tour you can get the most out of your stay on Santiago and discover truly unique hot-spots on the island. You will definitely experience the ‘Morabeza’ otherwise know as the true Cape Verdean hospitality. In just two days you will immerse yourself in the rich and vast cultural history of Cape Verde in all it’s glory.


Looking with different eyes

On this tour you will slowly find out how everything on the island is connected. The vibe of the island, the culture, the traditions, the music, the art, the delicious food and the stunning natural scenery…every day is filled with a wonderful mix of these ingredients. You will learn to cook like a local, you will sleep in a cosy home-stay address and slowly start to unravel the secrets and hotspots of Santiago. They are all within hands reach and we will teach you how to recognize them. This tour will make you look at Cape Verde through totally different (and more local) eyes. In two days you will fully experience to live the island life and take those wonderful memories home that will last for a lifetime.



  • Full 2-day program packed with experiences
  • Price ranging from €179 for 1-3 persons to €149 for 4-6 persons
  • Transport by local bus. Private taxi available for an additional fee.
  • Includes drinks, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Local expert guides
  • A private home-stay
  • Lots of joy


Book this tour for 2 unforgettable Terra Terra days. Be amazed!

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    19:00 (the next day)


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    Noy Singer
    January 29, 2020

    The 2 day trip with Judith and Jair was lovely! Because of the many sweet people we got introduced to along the way, the fabulous local food at people’s homes, the art they make with so much love from the bottom of their hearts, which makes it hard to choose which painting or crafts to buy… for myself or as presents and souvenirs. The terra terra team is surrounded by artists, musicians and other creative types which makes the vibe happy and light! Thank you guys!🙏🏽🍀

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    Silwia & Pawel
    January 31, 2020

    We began our adventure with Judith on the second day of our stay in Cabo Verde, when we met by chance at the bus stop. Even then, she helped us a lot by pointing the way and giving many valuable advices to the two lost Poles who had just landed in a different world. From Praia we went our way, but we stayed in touch and used the tips and advices of Judith and her friends for the entire stay. We have also agreed to spend the last days of our stay in Cabo Verde together as part of a two-day tour of Terra Terra Tours. The right word that would describe these two days is not a “trip”, but rather an “adventure” that has given us much more than just going outside the capital and seeing some nice views. We saw a lifestyle so different from ours, we experienced real hospitality and, above all, a joy that is contagious and which we feel even now when we return. Our expectations were rather focused around the places we’ll see, while the most important were people we met: Judith, Jair, Gelson, Ginhu and all their friends who were becoming our friends from the moment. During these two days there was really a lot to do and see: we were at a delicious breakfast (sweet cous cous), we watched how to make jewelry and shell decorations, we watched the murals in Praia, we had a delicious family lunch together, visited the Praia market, we left for Chao Bom, where Ginhu hosted us and fed us (the best katchupa we ate!), saw the grog factory, spent the evening in local bars, visited the Chao Bom area and beautiful paradise beaches. On the way back we stopped at the fish from the roadside grill and it was the best fish we had in our life. Even the return was amazing – the bus we were returning to Praia was full of singing and dancing people! 🙂 Another great experience for us was a visit to the house of Bitori, the legend of funana, music of the island of Santiago. We listened funana in Cabo Verde more than once, but the meeting with Bitori was the brightest spot among all the meetings with this music. We met a man devoted to his passion, talented, and at the same time very cordial and modest. We will remember this meeting for a long time. All this would be impossible without the guidance of people who live on Cabo Verde, understand the culture and live it, speak in Creole, have their own places and their friends there. Judith, Jair and Gelson are great guides – they ask for the needs and adapt the subsequent points of the trip to the expectations of the participants. They can perfectly feel what you may like and present the culture of Cabo Verde with real pride. They let us enter immediately into the very center of this new, fascinating world. I think that without them our whole trip would not be so rich, we would not be so close to local people, we would not eat so many delicious home-made dishes (because we would not know where to look for it…), we would not get to such cool local bars with music and dance . I recommend Judith and her friends as a guides! I also recommend talking with Judith before the trip and telling about your interests and what attracts you most to Cabo Verde, what you would like to experience – I am sure Judith will provide you impressions you will never forget.

    I wish you, Gelson and Jair all the best!

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    February 9, 2021

    We customized the tour to a 1,5 day tour in and around the city of Somada.
    We met at the end of the first day, where we walked around a bit with some friends in Somada and finished at the place where we spent the night. A really cool place that is like a huge garden with all sorts of animals and plants, situated on a hill with a beautiful look over the city.
    The next day we went to the market in Somada to have breakfast and after that met an artist in his shop whom they did not know yet. We stayed a very long time chatting with that artist, but later continued our tour to Boa Entrada, an outskirt of Somada. Here we visited a Grogue distillery where we were explained the process and tasted the freshly brewed Grogue! Next to the distillery were some young guys working the land. We started talking with them and it was amazing to hear their stories! They are so creative and resourceful! One even climbed all the way up a coconut tree to get us some delicious fresh coconuts! We walked a bit with the guys, who showed us their lands and the fruits and veggies they built on it.
    Later we parted again and we went to the oldest and largest tree of the country, which stands in a beautiful area.
    On our way back to the city we walked past a primary school where we could have a look inside.
    The day ended in Somada, where we visited an artist who makes leather sandals and after that it was time to go back to Praia, tired but satisfied.


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