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Discover true local culture, the local way

Discover Cabo Verde, the local way

Discover and experience true local life in the Cabo Verde Islands.  Enjoy the authentic local culture, art-scene, city-life, food, nature, history and its people. Meet Terra Terra Tours; your local expert tour guide into true Cabo life.

Terra Terra Tours organizes cultural and authentic tours in Cabo Verde were explorers can experience real life in Cabo Verde. Get comfortable by stepping out of your own comfort zone and let us take you to some one else’s. Enjoy experiences and tours that are true to local life and led by local expert guides. We are currently working on the beautiful island of Santiago and offering tours and experiences on some other islands.


Cape Verde is a vulcanic Archipelago of 10 islands, where each island has its own unique charm and mix of cultural history. Santiago offers a fusion of all the islands put together. It’s the biggest and most vibrant island and home to Cape Verde’s capital, Praia, the main central hub where you can feel and taste the vivid African vibes. Santiago quickly reveals the hustle and bustle of island city life in Praia but the island can remarkably also offer a quick getaway to more quiet pastures with its green valleys and plush plantations. The smaller African towns make you wind down and truly experience island life whilst enjoying the stunning natural scenery and friendly local hospitality.

Cape Verde has a rich and impressive history and culture that is not well-known by everybody and can only be truly experienced by immersing yourself amongst the local community. Only then you will get to know the culture, it’s history and rituals, as well as their unique way of (island) living.

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FInd your next adventure in Cabo Verde here. We offer daily tours and experiences. We specialise in creating customised and/or tailor made programs based on you specific travel needs, so don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Long term stay solutions are also available.


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“Gaita Gaita” Experience

€25 / per person
Visit the legend of Funana “Bitori nhã Bibinha” himself at his own house and learn how to play or be part of a live performance.
1,5 - 2 hours

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