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The mural of 11.11.11 Lokeren (Belgium)

The story behind this beautiful mural ❤️

The mural in Lokeren is derived from a photo taken in March. It was the first Terra Terra tour I did with Hara, my daughter who is pictured with me. The photo was taken at the Reis family home in Ribeira da Prata during a Terra Terra tour with a group of artists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Cape Verde organized by Naomi King (TAWI-The Artist Way Initiative).

Pedro Reis lives with several of his children and grandchildren in the village of Ribeira da Prata on the island of Santiago. Here he receives many visitors who pass by every day to enjoy a coconut, enjoy mangoes or eat a delicious freshly caught grilled fish. That day we cooked a delicious one-pan dish on an open fire with his wife Fatinha, which we enjoyed with the group of artists.

In the Lokerse Kopkapelwijk the organization has 11.11.11. Lokeren presented its new street art project. Street artist with Lokeren roots Kitsune Jolene translated an image of mother Judith and her 10-month-old daughter Hara Oshun from Cape Verde into a colorful work of art in the Karrestraat.

Below, an interview delves deeper into the story behind this mural. Currently in Dutch, we are working on adding subtitles to bridge the language gap, ensuring this tale of cultural connection and Terra Terra’s essence reaches everyone.

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