“Gaita Gaita” Experience

€45 per person

Funana is one the most popular traditional music of Cabo Verde.  The rhythm is usually provided by the ferrinho (iron) and is closely associated with the accordion, more specifically, with the diatonic accordion, commonly known as “gaita”  in Cape Verde.


Visit the grand master of Funana “Bitori nhã Bibinha” himself at his own house.
Victor Tavares also known as Bitori lives in Praia and at this time he is the only accordion player (gaita player) who’s still alive. With his age of 82 he still has the spirit to teach you how to play the “Gaita”. If you are more a spectator of this typical Cabo Verdean music style then you can also enjoy a live performance by this legend.

We should honor people like this! ??


*Available from 2 persons

*Taking into account the health of this legend and not always bookable in the short term


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