Street Art Tour

€29 per person

Street Art Tour

On this tour we will take you into an unique streetartprojects in the Achade Grande Frente (AGF) neighbourhood in Santiago. We will connect you with a volunteer of the local Pilorinho foundation to tell you all about the project and its contribution to the community.


A stimulation for the senses

Project Xalabas, is a collaboration between local artists and internationally knows artists to promote transformation and development in local neigbourhoods and communities. The main goal being to boost local tourism in a way that gives the local community points of support in creating opportunities for further development. And that is exactly what makes this tour unmistakable special to join. A tour that will stimulate both the eyes and the ears. After which we will continue to enjoy the tour the Terra Terra way; by enjoying a beautiful end of the day sunset together with some amazing refreshments and bites.



  • Midday program (16:00-19:00).
  • Price ranging from €35 for 2-4 persons to €29 for 5-12 persons
  • Includes drinks, a Terra Terra bite and an amazing sunset


Book this tour for a memorable inside look into a local streetart project that goes further than the art itself.

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    N de Lange
    January 29, 2020

    Seen a large variety of painted artworks on walls of houses in a developing neighbourhood. Have also visited a neighbourhood collective that organises all sort of projects for local residents. In the late afternoon we got invited by a local family to join them in their home for dinner. What a great surprise. The food was amazing and was great to enjoy the local hospitality with such friendly faces.

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    N. Singer
    January 29, 2020

    The street art tour was a stunning walk through the streets of a rough neighborhood in development. Beautiful grafitti that is easy to photograph while we were watching the sun set. The walk finished with a BBQ at Gelson’s house (member of the crew) and his children and wife made us feel super welcome! We enjoyed the lovely food on their rooftop terrace and watched Praia turn into a city that does’nt sleep. Would do it again next visit!


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